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Raise your glass.

Reminder that dinner and drinks are ON next thursday!

Meanwhile, let’s establish a list of all the cocktails and house pours we’ve conquered so we can be pros as a whole. Do add on whatever you’ve tried that we aren’t aware of and someday we could totally create a booze menu here. (:

List of Cocktails:

1. Manhattan
2. Lychee Martini
3. Pina Colada
4. Margarita
5. Mojito
6. Tequila Sunrise

And cheers to a much much longer list than this in a year’s time! We shall keep adding and see what we’ve accomplished by Christmas!

- Slim Shady

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The Curious Case of Hairy Bean

I just had to post this upon realization. Mama Bean, in all her post-Sandcastle ecstasy, just typed Hairy Brain as Hairy Bean (although you won’t see it because I alerted her and she leaped into editing mode).

After naming all her teddy bears after dry goods like red bean, yellow bean, green bean, and soya bean, she finally ran out of beans and had to settle for Hairy Bean.

- Slim Shady

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Word of the Day: OLM.

Under the endorsement of Mama Bean, I have elected myself as the Head of Department for Language. The role involves managing the acronyms, abbreviations and colloquial terms employed by members of The Forum.

- Slim Shady,
now the Head of Language Elective [HOLE]


Our word of the day is:

pronounced as [ ohm ]
1.  One Liner Man (someone who makes a random one liner that no one responds to, leaving the atmosphere awkward and uneasy for others): Hey did he seriously just say that? He is such an OLM.
2. One Liner Moment (refers to the moment in time after an OLM makes his one liner)

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1st Forum Summit

Fellow comrades of The Forum, we are now introducing our business model to hit 30 followers. The model will involve the following:

1. Tag more.

Tags are the fastest way to getting viewership when people search Tumblr!

2. Have funny / witty posts or share cool stuff and reblog.

Good content helps us keep followers.

3. Follow more Tumblrs that we like.

Kind people tend to return the favour.

4. Get other people you know to join Tumblr!

This is the tentative business model as formulated by Hairy Brain and Slim Shady. I shall eventually come up with some form of group hierarchy and duty allocation that is based on what we’d probably do. Hahahahahahahaha. 

- Slim Shady

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- Slim Shady

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Our resident scientist.
Slim: i should go and post your hairy brain quote. hahah see it.
Hairy: HAHAHAHAH! i said that?
Slim: you forgot? lol.
Hairy: word for word?
Slim: something along those lines lol.
Hairy: woah i can be scientist alr! i think i got the potential.
02.26.11 1
Zoom My elephant is more artistic really. Hahahahahahahaha.
- Slim Shady

My elephant is more artistic really. Hahahahahahahaha.

- Slim Shady

02.26.11 0

I can’t start posting about everyone if they ain’t got pen names! Y’all need to learn how to tumblr fast! I have a feeling our follower count will be stuck at 2, and both being our own people with their private accounts!

Now I’m in the midst of teaching Hairy Brain how to post a picture of an elephant. :P

- Slim Shady

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Zoom This is the Lamborghini that Hairy Brain will drive us in. (:
- Slim Shady

This is the Lamborghini that Hairy Brain will drive us in. (:

- Slim Shady

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